Need Dry Cleaning Services For Clothes? Know More about the Process

Know More about the Dry Cleaning Process for Clothes

Do you hate doing laundry after a hectic day at work? Or, does the very thought of washing dirty clothes make you feel agitated? What better than seeking professional dry cleaning services! Curious about what happens at the cleaner once you send your dirty garments? Read on to learn about the commercial dry cleaning process for clothes.

Dry cleaning is a process where dirty garments are cleaned without water. The fact that no water is used is the reason why this washing method is called dry. Usually, this cleaning process is used on fabrics and clothes which cannot withstand the rigours of a dryer. And, taking a behind-the-scenes look at the entire process is essential so that you know what happens at the cleaners.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting your garments cleaned by a dry cleaner.

Evolution of Commercial Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning came about by accident, just like many other inventions. In the year 1855, Jean Baptiste noticed that his table cloth was cleaner after a kerosene lamp overturned accidentally. Since he was a dye-works owner, he started offering a new service and named it “dry cleaning.”

Early dry cleaners used a range of solvents like kerosene and gasoline for cleaning clothing and fabric. After World War II ended, volatile synthetic solvents gave way to perchlorethylene. Soon this became the preferred solvent choice for the dry cleaning industry since it was faster and safer. It even did a much efficient cleaning job since it required less floor space and less huge equipment.

The Commercial Dry Cleaning Process

The commercial dry cleaning process for clothes starts when you drop off your dirty garments at your local dry cleaner. Once they get the clothes, the employees follow a pattern which holds true for all kinds of dry cleaning operation. Dry cleaners that lack expensive and large cleaning equipment on-site, transport laundry to a central cleaning facility.

No matter whether your clothes are cleaned on-site or at a facility, they are cleaned in several steps. These include –

  1. Garment Tagging Every cloth is tagged with a unique identification number. Some cleaners utilise paper tags which are pinned or stapled to the clothing. Soiled clothes of a similar kind from different clients are cleaned together and tagging ensures that clothes are properly returned.
  2. Clothing Inspection Before they are cleaned, clothes are thoroughly inspected for items that are left in pockets. These products are returned to customers and problems are noted as issues that are known before cleaning.
  3. Stain Pre-Treatment Cleaners look for stains on clothes and treat them accordingly for making removal easier.
  4. Machine Dry Cleaning Garments are put in a machine and then cleaned with a solvent. No water is used.
  5. Post Spotting Any lingering stains, if found, are cleaned.
  6. Finishing Once the clothes dry, they are pressed, folded and finishing touches are added.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly find a renowned dry cleaning company and start benefitting from their professional services.