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The Difference Between Local Dhobi And Professional Laundry Services

The importance of clean clothes can never be neglected as it is no more a reflection of your luxurious life but rather a necessity. Clean clothes will give you a cleaner and fresher look. Dirty clothes can become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria which can lead to skin infections. Wearing clean and fresh clothes makes us feel better about ourselves and boosts our self-confidence.

Though clean clothes are so important, there are still a few people who delay cleaning their clothes. They are confused about whether they should take their clothes to local dhobi or opt for professional laundry services. If you want to make a wise investment, know the differences between them.

Who Are Local Dhobis?

Local dhobis have been providing services all over India from time immemorial. Water is one of the most important ingredients used to wash clothes and there are numerous waterfalls, lakes, rivers and streams scattered all over the country. The abundant water makes it easier for local dhobis to carry on with their profession. Recently, they have started facing stiff competition from various companies offering online laundry services.

You have to keep all the dirty clothes in one corner of your house and they will arrive at your doorstep once every week to collect them. He takes the pile, wash all the clothes, iron them and deliver it at your doorstep within a few days

Few Disadvantages Of Hiring Local Dhobis

  • They tie and take the clothes to the workplace. Your expensive and new clothes can get ruined while being transported.
  • The clothes are soaked in soapy water and then put on stony landscapes before they start beating your clothes to get rid of the dirt and dust.
  • Though there is an abundance of water sources scattered all over India, using the water to wash your clothes can lead to water pollution. This can cause much damage to marine and plant life in the rivers.
  • Every material of the expensive dresses you wear requires to be treated differently and this understanding is not there in local dhobis.
  • Their primary focus is to maximise their profit and often end up using cheap washing detergents. They have harmful chemicals which can damage your clothes.
  • They are not trained or certified and are not aware of the right way to provide laundry services. The wrong ironing process can do more harm to your clothes than good.

Demand For Professional Laundry Services

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people looking for “laundry service near me” on various search engines. This is primarily because the service is conducted by experienced staff. They know the science of laundry and the chemicals which can be used to wash clothes. Since they offer so many advantages, it’s time you too start looking for an experienced company offering laundry services.