Effective Laundry Guidelines to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Certain clothing items are made of fabric or bear some ornamental work which is required to be dry cleaned only. Still, many clean them at home and end up spoiling the entire attire. To eliminate such a consequence, you must check the apparel label and treat the cloth as guided in the label. Some of the safest and recommended method of cleaning mentioned is as follows,

  • Do not wash/Dry clean only
  • Do not dry clean
  • Hand wash
  • Do not wring
  • Iron or steam
  • Hang to dry
  • No steam finishing
  • Machine wash
  • Wash at 105 degrees
  • Machine wash, permanent press

Important Tips by Dry cleaners about Treating Your Clothes Well

Regular cleaning of clothes:

It is essential to clean and freshen up your clothes at regular intervals. Thus, the clothes will last longer and will be in good condition as well. The thumb rule for this is wearing shirts once, pants, suits, and jackets twice before you clean them.

Never use lots of detergent:

Never go by the advice on detergent usages as advertised by the laundry detergent companies. It is enough to use a tablespoon full of detergent in front and top load washing machines. If there are spots then pre-treat the areas before putting the cloth in the machine.

No Velcro and zip up the zippers

It is important to remember not to put clothes with Velcro and open zips in the machine for washing. The Velcro might stick to other garments and can ruin the beauty of a lovely woollen pullover. Same way, open zips can snag another piece of cloth in the load.

Using bleaching agents wisely and effectively

It is a common notion that bleach can remove the spot, but in reality, it only removes the colour of the place. Choosing one of the efficient dry cleaners will get you the trick of using bleach rightly. Apply the bleaching agent with a dropper on the spot and rinse it off immediately.

Consider water as the best washing agent

Coldwater keeps the cloth colourfast, and it also plays a big part in preventing shrinkage.

Implement the unique idea of using tennis balls

This idea might seem a bit weird in the beginning, but it is indeed a beneficial hack to speed up the dryer and attributing a fuzzy function to the process.  This tactic induces the balls to knock around the clothes and helps in quick drying. Some experts also reveal that this manoeuvre also prevents clumping of clothes. However, it is wise to have a trial of this measure in the expert hands of a trained cleaner and dryer.

Hang the clothes dry

Hanging the clothes to dry them is an old school yet and effective option to prevent the clothes from shrinking.  A clothing line is always a better option than machine drying and helps you to have considerable savings in terms of money and energy.

Incorporate these effective practices during your day-to-day cleaning and all your daily wears will be in the pink of health in the long run. For more worthy variety of apparels, trust efficient dry cleaners like Osho Garment Finishers & Launderers Pvt. Ltd.