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Keep Your Clothes Clean During The Coronavirus Outbreak Easily

If you think that just washing your hands with soap and avoiding touching your face will save you from the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s high time you debunk the myth. There are a few other restrictions you have to follow if you want to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. It is a very infectious disease so you have to ensure that you are wearing clean clothes.

Maintaining personal hygiene has become very important now. If you want to keep your community and family safe from the coronavirus pathogens, know how you can keep your clothes clean during the pandemic. The objective is to protect yourself from the COVID-19 germs.

Need Laundry Services During The Coronavirus Outbreak? 2 Common Queries Have Been Answered Below

  • “How Long Will The Virus Live On Clothes?”

Though coronavirus is known to thrive on hard surfaces, they can even survive on soft surfaces like coats, towels, blankets and bags. Researchers have not stated any definite period of time during which the virus survives on different surfaces. According to a survey conducted by the World Health Organisation recently, coronavirus can infect hard and soft surfaces for a few hours to several days. Prompt and professional clothes laundering has become the need of the hour.

  • “How Can I Effectively Kill Coronavirus On My Clothes?”

There are two ways you can clean your clothes properly during the coronavirus outbreak. You can wash them at home or get in touch with a reputed company offering laundry services. If you are opting for the former, follow all the laundry practices and disinfect your clothes properly. Use suitable laundry products capable of killing bacteria and other germs. Make sure not to use excessive detergent as they might trap the virus on your clothes.

4 Tips By Laundry Experts To Remove Coronavirus Bacteria From Your Clothes

  • Put the clothes gently into the washing machine. Don’t shake the laundry as it might put back the virus germs into the air.
  • Disinfect the laundry basket after you have loaded the clothes into the washing machine. It will help in reducing the risks of germs transferring from the unwashed clothes to clean clothes.
  • Wash your clothes in the hottest temperature and dry them under direct sunlight. Drying them using 160o heat will help in killing the coronavirus germs from your clothes.
  • Wash your hands using soap for at least 20 seconds after you have transferred the dirty clothes into the washing machine.

PRO TIP – When washing the clothes of a person infected with coronavirus, don’t forget to wear a mask and disposable gloves.

Choose Professional Laundry Services

You can take extra precautions and let professionals offering laundry services to take care of your dirty clothes during the coronavirus outbreak. Not only do they ensure that every member of their team is experienced but also train them about personal hygiene. They follow all the restrictions imposed by the Government to prevent the infection from spreading any further. They even undergo special training sessions organised by healthcare workers and public health professionals.