Ultimate Sofa Cleaning Guide

Ultimate Sofa Cleaning Guide – Cleaning Tips for Sofa Fabric Stains

Sofa occupies an elevated position amongst home décor. It is a loved spot in your living space. The sofa is something beyond a mere piece of furniture – it is your comfort zone. Here’s a write up on ultimate sofa cleaning guide which can ensure the longevity of your comfort spot.  

Why Sofa Means So Much to You?

It’s fun to spend family moments on the sofa as you catch up on the latest movies or watch your favourite TV show. It’s also a pleasure to put your feet up on the couch as you are reading a book or taking a quick nap. Whether you are welcoming guests or enjoying a party with friends or colleagues, a stylish piece of sofa is always essential at home.  

Regular use of the sofa couch leads to its wear and tear. Accidental food spillage is another spoiler. You would not like your sofa to get stained. Get stains removed and ensure protection with sofa cleaning services.

How to Clean Sofa Fabric Stains?

Messy sofa fabric stains are an eyesore. Ugly spots can be cleaned by following secure procedures of cleaning. Baking soda and chemical detergents are the saviours for sofa fabric. They wash away stains like a pro.

Get to know the many ways of sofa fabric cleaning. DIY with the standard cleaning practices employed by the expert sofa cleaners in town:

Don’t wait for cleaning whenever there is accidental spillage of food and drinks. Stains get locked into the threads of the sofa fabric. Any delay makes cleaning difficult and harder for stain removal

Look for the sofa tag to learn about the sofa fabric codes printed in addition to that. The systems are essential to know about the ideal cleaning technique to be used. Generally, the laws are:

W – use water-based cleaners

S/W – use solvents and water-based cleaning agents

S – use solvents only

It is essential to take a note of the manufacturer’s instruction and recommendation on the tag.

  • Use a dry, stiff brush with natural bristles to remove loose dirt
  • In this matter, you can use a hand-held vacuum to loosen dirt particle and suck them out of the sofa fabric
  • Ensure drying up sofa fabric with a dry towel to remove moisture traces
  • Let your sofa air dry before you get back to your normal sofa activities

Use only safe cleaning agents. Avoid strong chemicals like bleaches. Else sofa fabric might get permanently damaged. It is safe to do a patch test on a hidden part of the sofa to rule out the danger of discolouration.

The Best Cleaning Agent and Equipment

Baking soda is the most popular option for effective sofa cleaning treatment. It helps to loosen stains and remove odour. DIY cleaning with baking soda could be a risky option because there is a chance of fabric damage. Why take a chance to spoil the expensive furniture? Consult the professional sofa cleaners and experts to get a green signal before using a home remedy of sofa cleaning.

An upholstery steam cleaner is equally handy and useful for sofa cleaning. Do a heat test before using full steam for cleaning, before using steam cleaner vacuum the sofa fabric for loosening dirt particles. While using, there might be moisture build-up. So, air dry the fabric. On drying, vacuum the fabric once again.

Osho Garment Finishers & Launderers Private Limited is a reputable name in sofa deep cleaning services in North and South Kolkata. The organisation has skilled cleaners and high technical expertise to make your couch sparklingly clean. So, no more you need to put your valuable time and effort in the cleaning ordeal but get in touch with Osho and gift your sofa its lost radiance once again.

So, say bye to tough stains with the ultimate sofa cleaning guide. Get a deep cleaning done with professional assistance. Ensure a longer sofa life to enjoy your couch moments.

Keep Your Clothes Clean During The Coronavirus Outbreak Easily - Laundry service

Keep Your Clothes Clean During The Coronavirus Outbreak Easily

If you think that just washing your hands with soap and avoiding touching your face will save you from the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s high time you debunk the myth. There are a few other restrictions you have to follow if you want to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. It is a very infectious disease so you have to ensure that you are wearing clean clothes.

Maintaining personal hygiene has become very important now. If you want to keep your community and family safe from the coronavirus pathogens, know how you can keep your clothes clean during the pandemic. The objective is to protect yourself from the COVID-19 germs.

Need Laundry Services During The Coronavirus Outbreak? 2 Common Queries Have Been Answered Below

  • “How Long Will The Virus Live On Clothes?”

Though coronavirus is known to thrive on hard surfaces, they can even survive on soft surfaces like coats, towels, blankets and bags. Researchers have not stated any definite period of time during which the virus survives on different surfaces. According to a survey conducted by the World Health Organisation recently, coronavirus can infect hard and soft surfaces for a few hours to several days. Prompt and professional clothes laundering has become the need of the hour.

  • “How Can I Effectively Kill Coronavirus On My Clothes?”

There are two ways you can clean your clothes properly during the coronavirus outbreak. You can wash them at home or get in touch with a reputed company offering laundry services. If you are opting for the former, follow all the laundry practices and disinfect your clothes properly. Use suitable laundry products capable of killing bacteria and other germs. Make sure not to use excessive detergent as they might trap the virus on your clothes.

4 Tips By Laundry Experts To Remove Coronavirus Bacteria From Your Clothes

  • Put the clothes gently into the washing machine. Don’t shake the laundry as it might put back the virus germs into the air.
  • Disinfect the laundry basket after you have loaded the clothes into the washing machine. It will help in reducing the risks of germs transferring from the unwashed clothes to clean clothes.
  • Wash your clothes in the hottest temperature and dry them under direct sunlight. Drying them using 160o heat will help in killing the coronavirus germs from your clothes.
  • Wash your hands using soap for at least 20 seconds after you have transferred the dirty clothes into the washing machine.

PRO TIP – When washing the clothes of a person infected with coronavirus, don’t forget to wear a mask and disposable gloves.

Choose Professional Laundry Services

You can take extra precautions and let professionals offering laundry services to take care of your dirty clothes during the coronavirus outbreak. Not only do they ensure that every member of their team is experienced but also train them about personal hygiene. They follow all the restrictions imposed by the Government to prevent the infection from spreading any further. They even undergo special training sessions organised by healthcare workers and public health professionals.

The Difference Between Local Dhobi And Professional Laundry Services - laundry service near me

The Difference Between Local Dhobi And Professional Laundry Services

The importance of clean clothes can never be neglected as it is no more a reflection of your luxurious life but rather a necessity. Clean clothes will give you a cleaner and fresher look. Dirty clothes can become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria which can lead to skin infections. Wearing clean and fresh clothes makes us feel better about ourselves and boosts our self-confidence.

Though clean clothes are so important, there are still a few people who delay cleaning their clothes. They are confused about whether they should take their clothes to local dhobi or opt for professional laundry services. If you want to make a wise investment, know the differences between them.

Who Are Local Dhobis?

Local dhobis have been providing services all over India from time immemorial. Water is one of the most important ingredients used to wash clothes and there are numerous waterfalls, lakes, rivers and streams scattered all over the country. The abundant water makes it easier for local dhobis to carry on with their profession. Recently, they have started facing stiff competition from various companies offering online laundry services.

You have to keep all the dirty clothes in one corner of your house and they will arrive at your doorstep once every week to collect them. He takes the pile, wash all the clothes, iron them and deliver it at your doorstep within a few days

Few Disadvantages Of Hiring Local Dhobis

  • They tie and take the clothes to the workplace. Your expensive and new clothes can get ruined while being transported.
  • The clothes are soaked in soapy water and then put on stony landscapes before they start beating your clothes to get rid of the dirt and dust.
  • Though there is an abundance of water sources scattered all over India, using the water to wash your clothes can lead to water pollution. This can cause much damage to marine and plant life in the rivers.
  • Every material of the expensive dresses you wear requires to be treated differently and this understanding is not there in local dhobis.
  • Their primary focus is to maximise their profit and often end up using cheap washing detergents. They have harmful chemicals which can damage your clothes.
  • They are not trained or certified and are not aware of the right way to provide laundry services. The wrong ironing process can do more harm to your clothes than good.

Demand For Professional Laundry Services

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people looking for “laundry service near me” on various search engines. This is primarily because the service is conducted by experienced staff. They know the science of laundry and the chemicals which can be used to wash clothes. Since they offer so many advantages, it’s time you too start looking for an experienced company offering laundry services.

laundry in Kolkata

How to Choose a Reliable laundry in Kolkata

Washing your laundry can be a complicated process, and it can become quite cumbersome to do it all by yourself. Most people nowadays have their washing machines and so they throw everything inside. Well, it might be a feasible solution, but most don’t give enough time to wet their clothes, which leads to loss of  shine after some time. Service providers for laundry in Kolkata take care of all your laundry and bring convenient solutions in your fast-paced lives.

Your local service might also pick up and deliver your laundry to your doorstep, thereby  saving your precious time. The demand for these services has risen considerably in recent years, especially in metro cities. These providers offer a variety of packages, and you need to pick up the one that aligns with your needs.

Now the question that might pop up in your head is how to choose the right provider. Well, most of these companies in Kolkata are entirely new, and so it is useful to fact find before handing your precious clothes. In the next sections, you will look at some of the ways you can choose the best provider in your area.

Sound Experience

Experience is one thing that needs to be on top of your list while choosing a laundry care center. The center should be well adapted to take care of any laundry service. The cleaner should have a good client base and must be clear about the cleaning policies and understands garments. If your filter is unsure about a specific variety of garments, it’s time to wish him off and look for a new one.

Digital Apps

In this digital age, it is appropriate if your provider offers mobile apps for people regularly on the move. It saves you time to book a laundry service, and you can do it easily on the go. The apps should be functional and offer a wide range of choices to you so that you can book the items of your choice without any trouble.

Pick Up & Drop Facility

Some laundry providers offer  pick and drop facilities, and it’s free when the pricing threshold exceeds a limit. Choosing their service will help you to remain worry-free, and you can concentrate on your regular work. However, you need to check whether the timings are scheduled according to your needs and  so communication must be there with  your cleaner regarding rescheduling.

Policies for Damage or Loss

Choose  a provider who offers a comprehensive plan in case of damages to your garment. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be compensated in case of accidental damage to your expensive dresses..

Delivery Time

This is probably one of the essential criteria for selecting a provider. He should not keep your garment for ages and defer the delivery dates. Be wary of these providers and choose the one who has a strong record for maintaining the due delivery dates for your garments.

There are many premia and on-demand service providers for laundry in Kolkata. Keep these points in mind and select the ones that best suit your needs.

Laundry Service in Kolkata

3 Tips to Boost Customer Satisfaction with Laundry Service in Kolkata

Achieving the highest level of customer service excellence works best in gaining happy customers. This factor stands true across service industries and laundry service in Kolkata is not an exception. It might sound more comfortable but in reality, is not that easy an element to be accomplished. It isn’t very easy for the laundry industry. Considerable effort needs to put in to have the best result. Now, here are a few useful tactics to attain a tough goal successfully. Your employees play the most crucial part to establish an incredibly satisfied customer service quotient.

Three Tips to Exemplify Your Laundry Service by Enhancing the Skills and Expertise of Your Employees

Train your team to Perfection

Customer service can be offered in person, over the phone or online. The customer’s satisfaction level is independent of the method incorporated to provide the service. It varies based on the capability of the customer service personnel. The secret lies in more efficient handling of the query or the complaint, and a patient hearing offered, resulting in an effective solution. The customer will be happier to get a better solution for the specific concern. Hence, all customer care executives must go through a particular module of training in customer care. After the training, some brainstorming sessions should be undertaken as well. The weaknesses and the scope of opportunities should be explored in such sessions.

Improving communication skills

A focus on the communication aspect will bolster customer service to a great extent. Excellent communication eliminates all the loopholes in customer service. The ways you interact with your customers makes all the difference and takes your business ahead in the competition.

Make yourself available at all time

If the employees are not available to address the concerns of the customers, then the business would be at a loss.  It is crucial to have a few employees available on the floor always so that your patrons can reach out to them.  Right now, a strong online presence over the social media platforms is a plus.  You must take the initiative to post interesting facts, videos, and blogs at regular intervals. This will keep your connection with the customers alive at all times.

Now, let’s focus on specific elements that will change the customer service scenario by leaps and bounds.

Effective Methodology: The customers will try to contact, and you must have options to address their queries. In case there is limited employee in the store, then post the phone numbers or email address, or social media account details so that they can reach you out. Also, make sure that every channel should be accessed by an efficient professional to the extent of adequate support to the customers so that their queries never go unanswered.

The clarity in communication: The communication between the customer service team and the customer should always be concise. It should be to the point and direct. Never indulge in conflicts while communicating with customers.

Correct Attitude: The business needs to put forward a positive attitude to the customers. Never showcase a hostile or negative image before your patrons.  Utmost care should be placed in absolute mindfulness in your body language and non-verbal communication.

Osho Garment Finishers & Launderers excels in its customer satisfaction quotient when it comes to offering laundry service in Kolkata. So, try their service and see for yourself.

Laundry Cleaning or Dry Cleaning: What’s More Suitable for You?

Do you hate doing laundry or wish to have dazzling white garments? Are you planning to send your clothes for cleaning owing to your hectic schedule? Seeking professional laundry cleaning and dry cleaning services is the perfect choice for every homeowner. But, are you confused about whether to opt for dry cleaning or the conventional machine wash? Read on.

Over the years, the number of people hiring experts to clean their dirty clothing has increased rapidly. Professional cleaning services help homeowners in saving time and deliver clothes which are thoroughly cleaned. Depending on the fabric type and dirt, you can wet or dry launder your garments. Untidy clothes are manually inspected and stained spots are treated with chemicals. But, how do you differentiate between laundry and dry cleaning?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Advantages of Laundry Washing

Some of the most significant benefits of the conventional machine wash are-

  • Laundered garments are entirely chemical-odour-free
  • Newly-washed clothes have a refreshing scent
  • Ensures tidiness down to every deep corner of the clothes
  • Only water, laundry detergent, bleach and a washing machine is used
  • No usage of harmful chemicals which are dangerous to people or the environment
  • Laundry detergent is distributed evenly to remove grease, stains and dirt
  • Wet laundering is very energy efficient since it consumes almost 50% less energy than dry washing

Advantages of Dry Cleaning

Some of the many benefits of choosing a dry cleaning process are-

  • Maintains the originality of materials
  • Increases the lifespan of garments
  • Protects the texture and color of fabric
  • Effectively removes oil and grease stains
  • Does not crumple the fabric
  • Reduces discoloration
  • Keeps the thickness and sturdiness of heavy and thick materials  like carpets and curtains

Laundry Washing Versus Dry Cleaning- The Basic Differences

  1. In the conventional wet laundering method, clothes are immersed in water.  Dry cleaning process utilizes chemical solvent for rinsing garments. Since no water is used in the process, it is called dry cleaning.
  2. Detergents, soaps and softeners are used with water for removing dirt from clothes in machine wash. In dry cleaning, chemicals are used to get rid of tough stains and grease from garments.
  3. In the traditional machine wash method, clothing is tumbled in a machine. Detergents and soaps work with water to remove dirt during the agitation process.  Dry cleaned garments are loaded in a machine and then washed by using a process called tumbling. Solvents used in this process are usually removed and recycled.
  4. Water is removed from clothes by using spinning processes. The clothes are then hung dried or dried in the drier. On the other hand, clothes are dried using dry cleaning machines.
  5. In the wet laundering method, cleaned clothing is steamed or pressed. Dry cleaned garments are straightened by ironing or steaming to ensure they are ready for delivery.

Since you are now aware of both dry and laundry washing processes, what are you still thinking? Choose the best cleaning method and reap the benefits of expert services!

Need Dry Cleaning Services For Clothes? Know More about the Process

Know More about the Dry Cleaning Process for Clothes

Do you hate doing laundry after a hectic day at work? Or, does the very thought of washing dirty clothes make you feel agitated? What better than seeking professional dry cleaning services! Curious about what happens at the cleaner once you send your dirty garments? Read on to learn about the commercial dry cleaning process for clothes.

Dry cleaning is a process where dirty garments are cleaned without water. The fact that no water is used is the reason why this washing method is called dry. Usually, this cleaning process is used on fabrics and clothes which cannot withstand the rigours of a dryer. And, taking a behind-the-scenes look at the entire process is essential so that you know what happens at the cleaners.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting your garments cleaned by a dry cleaner.

Evolution of Commercial Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning came about by accident, just like many other inventions. In the year 1855, Jean Baptiste noticed that his table cloth was cleaner after a kerosene lamp overturned accidentally. Since he was a dye-works owner, he started offering a new service and named it “dry cleaning.”

Early dry cleaners used a range of solvents like kerosene and gasoline for cleaning clothing and fabric. After World War II ended, volatile synthetic solvents gave way to perchlorethylene. Soon this became the preferred solvent choice for the dry cleaning industry since it was faster and safer. It even did a much efficient cleaning job since it required less floor space and less huge equipment.

The Commercial Dry Cleaning Process

The commercial dry cleaning process for clothes starts when you drop off your dirty garments at your local dry cleaner. Once they get the clothes, the employees follow a pattern which holds true for all kinds of the dry cleaning operation. Dry cleaners that lack expensive and large cleaning equipment on-site, transport laundry to a central cleaning facility.

No matter whether your clothes are cleaned on-site or at a facility, they are cleaned in several steps. These include –

  1. Garment Tagging Every cloth is tagged with a unique identification number. Some cleaners utilise paper tags which are pinned or stapled to the clothing. Soiled clothes of a similar kind from different clients are cleaned together and tagging ensures that clothes are properly returned.
  2. Clothing Inspection Before they are cleaned, clothes are thoroughly inspected for items that are left in pockets. These products are returned to customers and problems are noted as issues that are known before cleaning.
  3. Stain Pre-Treatment Cleaners look for stains on clothes and treat them accordingly for making removal easier.
  4. Machine Dry Cleaning Garments are put in a machine and then cleaned with a solvent. No water is used.
  5. Post Spotting Any lingering stains, if found, are cleaned.
  6. Finishing Once the clothes dry, they are pressed, folded and finishing touches are added.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly find a renowned dry cleaning company and start benefitting from their professional services.

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Laundry Service

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Laundry Service

Laundry care is an essential task which one needs to undertake to ensure tidiness. Unfortunately, laundry care takes a backseat because of the hectic schedule, which compels one to think about alternative solutions. While washing is mainly a household chore, yet assigning this to a professional laundry service in Kolkata is vital in your fast-paced life.

Assigning this task to an expert service immediately takes this task off your to-do list. Expert service also picks up and delivers your laundry to your door, thereby saving your precious time. For those of you still in some doubt regarding the usefulness of this service, here are some benefits which will compel you to look at these solutions after the end of this article:

Pocket-Friendly Service

Professional service providers save your money if you decide to clean in bulk. They have high capacity machines which take care of your load, which wouldn’t be possible if you were cleaning at home. Moreover, they will clean it properly and give you an affordable option, which will be beneficial for you.

High-Quality Machines

Your clothes will fade faster if you use poor quality detergents. Hand washing is sometimes an incorrect solution for cleaning certain types of cloth materials. The laundry professionals use the most sophisticated machines to clean your clothes. They use extra care to wash your delicate clothes like wool, silk, velvet. Moreover, these tend to shrink even when washed with hands. However, the professionals know the importance of using different cleaning solvents to make your clothes look new again.

Free Pick Up & Delivery

These experts offer free pick up and drop off service of your laundry items. This convenient option makes it easier for you as you don’t have to worry fetching the details from your laundry. These experts also offer express delivery services if you want your garments to reach you early. So book a date of pickup, fix a delivery date and get crisp clean garments that you can straightaway hang in your closet.

Variety of Options

A laundry care service offers a wide range of options for you to choose that fits your needs. If you have some reservations about specific detergents, you can inform them and get personalized care according to your specifications. The laundry service agents also take extra care for sensitive materials like silk or fabric materials.

Removes Stain and Odour

Sometimes home remedies remove your stains, but it can be harmful to your clothes in the long run. When you send your clothes to a cleaning expert, they take care to remove all the stains from your cloth. They make it a point to clean your clothes without damaging them. So, a professional dry cleaning expert is the right doctor that heals your clothes without causing harm to their materials.

 To summarize, Dry cleaning helps clothes to last longer than usual. Time being valuable cannot be spent on washing clothes. Moreover, there is an additional worry of ironing the garments, which are also done by these professionals. These points will undoubtedly compel you to choose the best laundry service in Kolkata in your area.