Ultimate Sofa Cleaning Guide

Ultimate Sofa Cleaning Guide – Cleaning Tips for Sofa Fabric Stains

Sofa occupies an elevated position amongst home décor. It is a loved spot in your living space. The sofa is something beyond a mere piece of furniture – it is your comfort zone. Here’s a write up on ultimate sofa cleaning guide which can ensure the longevity of your comfort spot.  

Why Sofa Means So Much to You?

It’s fun to spend family moments on the sofa as you catch up on the latest movies or watch your favourite TV show. It’s also a pleasure to put your feet up on the couch as you are reading a book or taking a quick nap. Whether you are welcoming guests or enjoying a party with friends or colleagues, a stylish piece of sofa is always essential at home.  

Regular use of the sofa couch leads to its wear and tear. Accidental food spillage is another spoiler. You would not like your sofa to get stained. Get stains removed and ensure protection with sofa cleaning services.

How to Clean Sofa Fabric Stains?

Messy sofa fabric stains are an eyesore. Ugly spots can be cleaned by following secure procedures of cleaning. Baking soda and chemical detergents are the saviours for sofa fabric. They wash away stains like a pro.

Get to know the many ways of sofa fabric cleaning. DIY with the standard cleaning practices employed by the expert sofa cleaners in town:

Don’t wait for cleaning whenever there is accidental spillage of food and drinks. Stains get locked into the threads of the sofa fabric. Any delay makes cleaning difficult and harder for stain removal

Look for the sofa tag to learn about the sofa fabric codes printed in addition to that. The systems are essential to know about the ideal cleaning technique to be used. Generally, the laws are:

W – use water-based cleaners

S/W – use solvents and water-based cleaning agents

S – use solvents only

It is essential to take a note of the manufacturer’s instruction and recommendation on the tag.

  • Use a dry, stiff brush with natural bristles to remove loose dirt
  • In this matter, you can use a hand-held vacuum to loosen dirt particle and suck them out of the sofa fabric
  • Ensure drying up sofa fabric with a dry towel to remove moisture traces
  • Let your sofa air dry before you get back to your normal sofa activities

Use only safe cleaning agents. Avoid strong chemicals like bleaches. Else sofa fabric might get permanently damaged. It is safe to do a patch test on a hidden part of the sofa to rule out the danger of discolouration.

The Best Cleaning Agent and Equipment

Baking soda is the most popular option for effective sofa cleaning treatment. It helps to loosen stains and remove odour. DIY cleaning with baking soda could be a risky option because there is a chance of fabric damage. Why take a chance to spoil the expensive furniture? Consult the professional sofa cleaners and experts to get a green signal before using a home remedy of sofa cleaning.

An upholstery steam cleaner is equally handy and useful for sofa cleaning. Do a heat test before using full steam for cleaning, before using steam cleaner vacuum the sofa fabric for loosening dirt particles. While using, there might be moisture build-up. So, air dry the fabric. On drying, vacuum the fabric once again.

Osho Garment Finishers & Launderers Private Limited is a reputable name in sofa deep cleaning services in North and South Kolkata. The organisation has skilled cleaners and high technical expertise to make your couch sparklingly clean. So, no more you need to put your valuable time and effort in the cleaning ordeal but get in touch with Osho and gift your sofa its lost radiance once again.

So, say bye to tough stains with the ultimate sofa cleaning guide. Get a deep cleaning done with professional assistance. Ensure a longer sofa life to enjoy your couch moments.